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COVIM glass bottles - History

A flashback to our history to look at the future

Covim boasts a long standing tradition in the design and development of special glass bottles and containers, started long before 1977 when the Company was established.

The grandfather of Covim’s current CEO has been the first to fall in love with this sophisticated material which is glass, chartering what was initially named “Consorzio Vetrerie Industriali Milano” (Industrial Glass Factories Consortium of Milan). Originally located in Milan, the Company later moved to Verona in the North-East of Italy, one of the beating hearts of the Italian economy.

Over fifty years of experience and family-run managment constitute the key elements of Covim. Today, the Company represents a reference point in the industry, both for its Customers and for its competitors, thanks to a deep knowledge of an ancient yet adaptable and modern material and its manufacturing process that through time, has been enriched with very high technological content.

Covim is set on mantaining its rooted traditions while keeping in mind that innovation and constantly looking to the future are key to acquire new markets and new Clients.






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