Building on our history, we look to the future

Covim has a long tradition of designing and manufacturing special glass bottles and containers, which began well before the company was founded in 1977.

It was the grandfather of the current CEO who first fell in love with this fine material, glass, and founded what was initially the “Consorzio Vetrerie Industriali Milano”. First based in Milan, the company then moved to Verona in north-eastern Italy, an important hub for the Italian economy. Over half a century of experience and an all-round commitment to customer satisfaction represent Covim’s founding principles.

Today, the company is a benchmark in the sector, for customers and competitors alike. This is thanks to in-depth knowledge of a material that is as ancient as it is workable and modern, and to total mastery of a process that has been progressively enhanced with highly advanced technology. Covim is determined to maintain its traditional character, without forgetting that it is essential to look to the future to ensure success in new markets and an expanding customer portfolio.



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